Thursday, April 14, 2011


So from my title of my post you probably already geussed that I have been accepted as a YES abroad scholar and I was chosen to go to India! :) A few days ago my dad informed me of this at Buffalo Wild Wings ,where our school was having a fundraiser, and well...lets just say I became a little over excited and everyone ended up staring at me like I had gone completely crazy.

The city where I will be staying is Channai in the state of Tamil Nadu. It's in southern India and is right on the coast :) Four other scholars (Tenaya, Anastacia, Hannah, and Zoe) and  I are going to be living in the same city! This is very exciting for me, because this way I will already have some friends when I get there. There are many cultural activities I can become involved in too while living in India. I am particulary interested in Bharatanatyam. It  is a very prominent traditional dance in Tamil Nadu and also important among the various Chennai dances. I also want to become part of one of their NGO programs (non governement organization) which is like a charity. I could help tutor underpriviliged children or teach beading to rural women or whatever else interests me while there.

I will be attending one of two 'public schools' in Chennai, which are the equivalent of private schools in the U.S.A. The language of instruction will be English which will be convenient for me, but I had hoped for instruction in the native languages (Tamil or Hindi), so I could learn them more easily and faster. Luckily, I can take a course in Hindi at school.

Of course what I am looking forward to is the FOOD. Indian food is my all time favorite food and getting to actually go and eat actual real authentic indian food everyday is like a dream come true for me! I will undoubtedly earn some weight gain :) but I don't mind too much considering just how amazingly good Indian food is :) Tandoori chicken and shrimp curry here I come!

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