Friday, April 15, 2011

More Info and Conference Calls

Today we learned a little more information on when I will be leaving for India in e-mails and through a conference call. On June 28th I will be leaving for a pre-departure orientation in Washington D.C. I will stay there until July 1st which is when I will be departing for India. This may cause a slight problem since the summer school classes I will be taking for U.S History will not be finished until June 29th. Luckily that won't cause too much of a problem being only one day.

The conference call definetely helped to ease my mind on the topic of schooling and earning credits that I can use back in the States. Allen Evens (the conference call coordinator) explained that more often than not the classes I will take abroad will still count as part of my Junior year of highschool. The classes I will have to take when I get back is Junior english (in other words I will have double english Senior year) and possibly physics if it is not offered in India.

The biggest piece of information that I learned today though was that I would be leaving a whole month and half earlier than previously thought. I don't mind though. :) I am extremely excited to start my year abroad and immerse myself into another culture. Only about 2 and half months to go! :D

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