Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Acceptance!! :D

Two weeks ago I was accepted to go to a IPSE event in Denver, Colorado! When I get there I will have to compete against 74 other contestants to be in the top 50 to fulfill my dream. My dream of leaving Crystal Lake and seeing the world on my own. :) Of course I am a little nervous. I mean how could I not be!?! The prospect of having to compete with so many other qualified candidates from across the U.S.A can be quite nerve-racking! BUT,  I am still very very enthusiastic about this experience and I believe in myself that I will  achieve what I have been looking forward to for most of my life! The countries that are on the list are
  • Egypt
  • Ghana
  • Thailand (top choice!)
  • Turkey (second choice!)
  • Mali
  • India (third choice!)
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Oman
Now from what people have been saying, of the countries for the Kennedy-Lugar scholarship, is that they aren't safe. Everyday, I hear people asking me "But what if you're kidnapped!" or "How will you understand anything anyone says!". Ah well it's very simple.  Complete Cultural Immersion. When I get on that plane to go to my new home and new family for an entire year, I will be letting go of everything I once knew. Prized possesions (such as internet or a cell phone) could be unavailable. I can forget about being able to wear whatever I want and I will find myself completely incompetent at times when it comes to my country's language. I will have to  re-learn everything about anything! This is exactly what I have been craving! I am thirsty for this knowledge of a new culture and a entirely different world. I want to experience it all! I have spent many vacations in foreign countries such as Gibralter, Spain, Germany, Morocco, Italy and many more. What I have never been able to experience is the feeling of belonging to these foreign places. I want to feel at home in another country and I want to get the chance to adapt to new surroundings! All my life I have lived in the same house. I have never moved and I have grown up with the same people all my life. I need a chance to fulfill my dream. I need this scholarship and in three days I will be able to prove myself :)

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