Monday, June 13, 2011

Only 19 days to go....

I have only have 19 days left here in Crystal Lake and I've started to get really nervous. I don't have my host family yet and I've been making so many amazing new friends and I'm actually starting to become sad that I am leaving. Like wow. I have less than 3 weeks left here in my hometown with my silly little sister and older sister and my adorable puppies. Only 19 days before I finally have to say goodbye to all the wonderful people I have met in these past couple of weeks. At times I can be psyched out of my mind...but sometimes like now I'm just worried and scared. I've begun summer school and now I have even less time to spend with friends. I feel like theres no more time left anymore. I feel as if I need more time to say goodbye. Don't get me wrong though. The prospect of finally fulfilling my life long dream of living abroad in a foreign country has finally come true. It's almost like a fairy tale :) A wonderful and completely surreal fairy tale...Six months ago I never would've imagined getting to this point. I never expected to win this scholarship and be told "Congratulations...your going to India." Its absolutely amazing. But at times like this... I realize just how much I'm gonna miss waking up to my little sister Ashleigh running around acting like a complete dork while my older sister Katie scolds us all for leaving something as trivial as a napkin on the dining room table. Yes, I will even miss being bossed around by my controlling older sister. I'm gonna miss my dads amazing cooking and his funny voices he does to cheer me up. I will miss my mom and her sound and comforting advice. Doing something like this makes you realize just how special your family is and as a teenager it can be hard to appreciate what your family does for you and all of their little quirks. So appreciate what you have now...they won't always be there.

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