Saturday, June 18, 2011

Host Family!

Yesterday I recieved my host family! :) They didn't give me very many details, but I do know that I will be living with the Swamipillai Family in Chennai with a dad, mom and two eighteen year old sisters. What's really amazing is where I get to live! I am right on the beach! Its so gorgeous there too and I'm only 15 minutes away from my school. I sent my host dad a e-mail this morning and I hope that they will fill me in on what it is like to live in their family. :)


  1. Edit Anonymous said... Hey Jenni Chenni... you had a bunch of State Dept /AFS events, how'd they go? You're falling behind !
    I know it's been an emotional week with reality sinking in . Love you vey much and so proud of your courage to take risks. You have a great family to live within and am certain the adventure will be unforgetable. I really wanted to check in early today so I could see you off at the Dulles gate, but how many ways can one say goodbye? Time will fly, take it all in and be safe. Dad

    July 2, 2011 1:12 AM

  2. Jenny,
    I miss you already! I know your gonna be fine with your host family, they look like nice people. Make the most of your trip and learn alot but know we will miss you very much!